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My recent visit with Joey Slotnick

At the L.A. Airport

Woz & JoeyI think that the friendship with Joey is unexpectedly on a good start. We had a nice chat about various things and it turns out he's not at all stuck up or pushy, just a very nice friendly guy. I plan to visit the set of a movie that he is working on. Myself, I'm going to initiate Joey to digital photography. Digital cameras have finally become good replacements for film cameras, and everyone understands photos.

Joey kept surprising me with knowledge of very obscure facts from my past and Apple's past, too. He's was interested to hear the stories first hand, and there are so many that he hasn't heard but can understand because of his research.


also see:

Joey's letter to Woz

Other Photos from the Visit
(taken by Andy Hertzfeld)

Joey & Woz

Woz, Joey and Andy.


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