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  1. Newton

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Other Cool Computer Sites Worth a Look

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Apple ][

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Older Macs

  • http://68k.xt10.net
    -Keeping system 6 alive!
  • The Hards Disk Mac Pages
    - Get the Most Out of an Older Macintosh
  • Resources for the Older Mac
    - Dozens of classic Mac site links
  • Classic Mac Workshop
    Rating 5Old Macs Never Die!
    I know many of you out there have new Macs. By new I mean at least PowerPC level. But there is a huge group of folks out there with lower end Macs that can STILL be useful. This site will be a tremendous resource for those of you with the classic versions of our favorite machine. Even if you have one of them thar' fancy new Macs, you should still check out this site. It is beautifully done. It's clean design is a pleasure to behold, I can't stop thinking about it. I think I'll go there now.
  • Mac 512 Users Group
  • JagHouseOne
    4-Classic mac sites
  • Fight Back for Classic Macs
    -Lots of great games & Programs
  • LowEndMac

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Non-english Sites

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Our Current Favorite Links:

MacMuseum of Charlotte
I've been to the Computer History Museum many times, but I've never seen this many Macs in one place. Ever.
If you want to take a stroll down memory lane, or if you are doing Mac research, the MacMuseum of Charlotte site is a must see.
Rating 5..Al

I'm listed!

Do YOU have a site, or KNOW of a Mac or Apple site, that's worthy of being listed on Woz.org?
He'll check it out and if it measure's up, it will be "Listed on Woz.org"!

If you do any kind of video on your Mac, and lets face it, who doesn't, you will need this application. Pretty much converts anything to anything as far as video codecs go. "MPEG2 Works 4 Advanced" is also a good one that this company provides. It's shareware so the most you will spend on it is $25. With all the digital cameras out there taking movies now, apps like this one are an essential part of your toolbox.
Rating 5..Al

Apple II :

Who still uses an Apple II? LOTS of people. Why? Because the machine is still just as facinating as it was two decades ago. There is also a huge online community supporting it. I would think that if you still plink around on an Apple II, you'd know about this site. It would surely be among your bookmarks since it is so useful as a resource. It's one of the most amazing and feature filled Apple II sites there is.Please don't tell me you haven't heard of it. Tell you what, go there now, bookmark it, become enlightened and avoid the guilt.
Rating 5..Al

Spanish Mac Users:

I have to admit, I don't speak spanish*. But sometimes you just "know". Born as a news site, Macuarium is now more of a MUG than any other thing. It does have a small english section, but I think for the spanish community, this site is it. Macuarium reportedly gets over 400,000 page views per month They edited one of the first Mac OSX user guides (as a free PDF) as well as appear to be one of the oldest surviving Mac sites out there. I think anyone interested in Macs and the spanish language should make this a bookmark.
Rating 5

*We could always try translations sites like dictionary.com or babelfish

Mac Gaming:

This site is for the serious Mac game developer. It's not where you go to download games, but where you go for source code and up to date info on the industry. This is one of the most complete and well thought out sites that exists for Mac game development that I've seen. If you produce Mac games, you should have this site bookmarked or even make it your home page.
Rating 5..Al

Mac News:

This Mac site is updated, judging from their front page, pretty much on the hour. If there's somthing on the web being said about the Mac, you'll probably find it on MacObserver. It also has tips, editorials, columns, reviews and forums. Do a search on the site for Woz. I got 37 matches! I'd say this is a must bookmark.
Rating 5..Al





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