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Comment From e-mail:
You have probably received tons of email regarding the 'pirate' movie. I must admit, I to was permanently sucked into computers after watching that movie. I had always been intrigued with computers, but I never really made an effort to learn on my own. After watching the person playing you in the garage instilled in me the desire not only to learn more about computers but pursue other passions that I have in life. It showed me how one person can spend every waking moment pursuing a dream, and fulfilling it in the end. Regardless of what anybody says about the "true" or "real" reasons you left APPLE, I would have done the same. I only have one dream in life, once I accomplished it, I will probably drop everything that I'm doing and find another goal to pursue. I wish that I was inthe 5th grade again so that perhaps I can be tought by the inventor of the PC. For me, there is only one thign that you can do in this life. Leave a legacy of your life after your gone. Some will probably remember you as the founding fathers of computers, but many will be directly affected when you came into their classrooms and gave them the knowledge to succeed in the future. And for that you will leave a legacy that we all wish we could leave.

Thank you for the thoughtful note. I'm glad to know that people get inspired to go in electronic or computer directions. Having to build things all the time that really work brings a type of internal honesty that political types have ways around. Hardware and software is like math problems. It works or it doesn't, and you can change it to work. It's not so subjective. Good luck with your own dream. My dream was actually just to have a computer some day. If I'd imagined that it meant starting a company to sell them, I probably would have avoided the whole thing.


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