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Q From e-mail: Hi Mr. Woz, I just wanted to know if you and Steve Jobs are still friends? I've read a few things most of the Apple history that I know I read in the Mac Bathroom Reader, and in that it seems like Mr. Jobs was a bit on the "dark side of the force" where as you always have been VERY Luke like (he he sorry for the geeky clichÚ but it does kind of fit). Do you think he's changed, and if so is it for the better? I only ask because I feel that my Mac has really turned my life in a good direction and although Apple is doing really great right now it still doesn't have a "official" CEO (or what ever strange three letter thingamajig title the top dogs give them selves) and were as it would take an act of GOD to get me off my Mac I'd really hate to see things at Apple go south yet again.

WOZ: It's very scary when Apple has serious problems every few years or so. It might take a bit of the dark side to get companies straightened out once in a while. We didn't have much problem in our early years. There is a bit of Apple that means 'goodness to people' but I think the attitude is more 'get rid of the problems' when thinngs are bad.

Q From e-mail: I've gone from a Commodore 64, my first computer, to my iMac RevB, my second computer. With a 12yr absence from computers. Needless to say, there's some catching up to do. All this conflict between Wintel and Mac's is beyond my understanding, nor do I care why it exists. I want a reliable, user friendly home computer, period. I have no predefined prejudices for or against either macintosh or the other machines. But the history of all this is what I missed in the past 12-15 years and that's very interesting to me now. especially your side of things.

First-off thanks for getting the ball rolling all that time back. And please keep your comments coming, most interesting to hear your side of it. I did not watch the "Pirates" movie for many reasons, most of all because Hollywood made it. Now if PBS had done it I may have watched... I really like my Mac. I do hope in the long run as I learn more, that I will come to admire my macintosh as much as my guru friends do. Talk about rambling.....I'ld send money, but I know you don't need it , so please accept my gratitude for doing what you've done. Regards

WOZ: Thanks for having a clear head and not caring about what everyone else might have. That's to your benefit and it's a benefit to you also. My part of the history is very unusual as major business success stories throughout time go. Someday it may be told in a book. But Apple may only be in the background!

Q From e-mail:Hi Steve,I'm a big fan of yours. Not just for being co-founder of apple, but for your attitude and way of thinking. My question is: i'm looking to purchase a mac and i would like to know which apple computer(s) you would recommend? I'm a computer science major, therefore, i like tweaking with programs and stuff like that. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon....Mark

WOZ: It's hard to recommend a computer to anyone without knowing a lot about that person and what they need to do. The only computer that is general enough and good enough to be recommendable to almost everyone is the iMac

Q From e-mail: I just wanted to say that I just saw Pirates of Silicon Valley and was amazed at what went on way back when. I commend you for remaining the same person you've always been rather than turning into a money hungry, stuck up person like so many others do. It's so interesting to me that you made the computer that made Apple even possible, but it was Steve Job's that seemed to take all the credit. Was the scene with the man being interviewed really true? Did Steve Job's actually demean a potential employee?? I have to say, that they portrayed him as a real jerk who was very demeaning to his employees if they did not perform to his liking. And actually, Bill Gates was no better. They were and maybe still are hungry for the power. The other thing that I found interesting and didn't realize was that Microsoft now owns part of Apple. Steve Jobs is definitely a brilliant business man but after seeing what Bill Gates has done I'd have to say that he's even more savvy! Anyway, those were just a few thoughts I had. I was just really impressed with your character and how you've remained the same person that you were when you created that first computer. I hope you don't mind my two cents. : - )...Heather A.

WOZ: I think that I already gave you some insights. We have such clear insights as to what we want to be like when we're young and idealistic, but few remain true to these ideals. I'm just simple enough not to play games and bend and twist my early idealistic views. I do need recognition for having been a great engineer, I don't need credit for the company, or power.

Q From e-mail:I just wanted to say that I've been using Apple products @ school...@ work...@ home since the Apple ][.

Serious BASIC programming was on an Apple ][... (my first programming experience was on a BALLY Astrocade with the BASIC cartridge...I still have both...circa 1981.)

My term papers were written on Mac 128k & 512k computers...

I was one of the first in my design class @ college to use a Mac...a Mac II, I think...before they became an industry standard...

I currently own a PPC 7500 that's paid for itself 3 or 4 times (original value).

I just wanted to say...thank you for starting a wonderful computer company and being one hell of a nice guy. Anybody that gives away co. stock to employees that have none...well, my hat is off to you sir. This email is loooong overdue...rest assured I will always be a Apple-man...so will my kids...and anyone else I can influence.

WOZ: It was a big deal to give the stock to people that were along for the incredible ride the first couple years of our company. It was rare and brave and right. I don't know why the definition of right and wrong change once you 'get there'.

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