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Comment from E-mail:
Do you think the naming of the "Blue Box" classic MacOS in OSX is in some way a tribute to you and the simpler days of the "digital blue boxes" you used to make?
Of course.

Just kidding. I have no idea, but I'm glad that this name wasn't rejected in light of the possibly negative connection.

Comment from E-mail:
Second- With OSX's clear Unix underpinnings and it's general hardware neutrality due to hardware extraction by use of Darwin and the microkernel do you think Apple has plans to go heavily into the mainstream corporate hardware or software selling? I think Steve Jobs has learned alot over the years about hardware dependancy and is using the best people he can find to make OSX the best hardware independent OS available. Obviously they are keeping very hush, hush on this. Windows software, even the upcoming "2000's" have a limit to multiple CPU support. Due to the powerful microkernel being used OSX will have no such CPU limitations. In the corporate atmosphere where reliable, fast data is a must people would like an alternative to the IT intensive Windows based systems. At the same time, Corporate is asking for software that is easy to use and support so they can hire people with less software experience (thereby costing less money in salaries). Unix applications are sup posed to be rather easy to port to OSX. Mega power. Mega reliability. Mega easy to use. Who could ask for more. Make it Windows and MacOS like and wrap it in a pretty candy coated shell and you can rule the computer kingdom. Does this seem to be where Apple is heading? Taking into account that if people have the resources they will make the best use of them.
You've said a mouthful and I can't say it better.

Comment from E-mail:
People like you are what make Apple great. The original spirit that you gave the platform way back with the Apple II remains today. It wasn't about making computers or money, or anything like that. It was about having fun and unleashing the positive power of the computer. I used to be a Wintel supporter until about three years ago, now I'm all Mac. Occasionally when I read some things about the platform it nearly brings tears to my eyes. For instance with Don Crabb's recent demise almost every mac site (and even apple TIL) had some kind of tribute to him. It makes me SO proud to count myself a part of such a community, a community that you helped start long ago. So, just a little note on how your invention effects me today. (Writing this on Lombard.)
I'm glad that you are part of the passion that we Macintosh users feel. It's one of those things that you can't explain in words but we all know what it is and how it feels and more.

Comment from E-mail:
My sister's organization (BayAreaSTAR.org) has a website hosted by Citysearch.com. The pages look fine, or at least as good as they can, when viewed on PC based machines. Unfortunately, my sister, a critical sort, is a loyal MAC user. The pages don't look right on her computer or on her friend's MAC. Is there anything they (MAC users or web hosts) can do about this?
If your sister can update to a recent MacOS, it comes with both Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer. Sometimes one or the other doesn't show pages the way intended, so you can try the other browser. Older versions of browsers particularly have trouble.

Some web pages use Java. Microsoft took a lot of steps that resulted in developers, even unintentionally, creating Java code that would only work on the Microsoft PC browser. These deliberate actions of Microsoft well documented in the Finding of Fact from the current Justice Department case against them. I've gotten to such web pages myself, and they just don't work from the Macintosh side. For example, my daughter was applying to veterinary school. The online application form was written in Java and wouldn't work on our Macintoshes, no matter how much we upgraded or tried options. We had to run Virtual PC (on our Macintosh) in order to properly access these pages. Virtual PC adds a software PC emulator to your Macintosh.


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