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Comment from E-mail:
I know this is not your area of expertise, but My girlfriend and I of 2 years just broke up. I don't know what I should do with all the websites and flash files I made for her... what would you recommend?
By all means you should protect them and make a sacrifice to keep them in good order as long as it benefits her. It's very important to be as good as possible to a former girlfriend. If you don't get along, you don't have to hang around her to be nice. If she says rotten things about you, you should only say the best things about her. Everyone will think better of you for it, even she. To me, turning the other cheek simplified to being good to others even if they are bad to you. Let them hit your other cheek but don't hit back.

Comment from E-mail:
Do you send out signed photos of yourself? How about Steve Jobs [if you'd know]? Let me know, seeya.
Yes, I do. It's kind of weird but understandable that people ask for it. Just send a self addressed, stamped envelope to me at 16400 Blackberry Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030.

Comment from E-mail:
There has to be a mathematical formula for the coolness of Apple's. Wanna help me figure it out?
No, but if you come up with a good one, let me know.

Comment from E-mail:
I am a devoted mac user and as long as Apple makes it, I will loyaly use it. I love the fact that a man of your stature in the computer world makes himself so available to general public. I am delighted to find out that you are such a down to earth person. Having read your responses to most letter, I must say that your beliefs closely mirror mine. I am a Bahai, that is my religion. Have you ever heard of the Bahai Faith or have any familiarity with it?
Yes. Our third Apple employee (badge number 4, but he was hired before number 3), Bill Fernandez, has been a Bahai since high school. Bill was my technician at Hewlett Packard (I'd helped get him in there) before we started Apple. Bill lived a few houses down from me on the same street, and is the one that built the "Cream Soda" computer with me, not Steve Jobs as portrayed in "Pirates of Silicon Valley." Bill is also the person that introduced Steve and myself. Bill has also helped in my current computer class, teaching 3D drawing.

So I know something of the Bahai Faith and I appreciate it but I won't get into that.

Comment from E-mail:
Just a quick question for you.... Did you ever live in Apple Valley, California, and if so, is this where the name "Apple" came from?
Just don't tell anyone...


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