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Comment from E-mail:
Question: What do you think are the chances that:
1. Mac X u.i. will transend the the mouse - window paradigm which has been around since Jesus was a corporal.

I think that the Mac X U.I., which I've barely seen myself, is just an improved version of the mouse-window paradigm. It's improved in the sense of being as (or more) powerful with fewer visible options or methods. Part of this may be true innovation and part may be leaving options out in order to seem simpler, in effect by forcing a simpler paradigm on users.

Comment from E-mail:
2. In Mac X u.i. more than a single interface can be used [as it is now]
I'm not sure what you're asking. If you mean things like 'Themes' on today's Macs, I don't even know if Apple is telling developers how to develop their own. I would think that Steve Jobs is so enthralled with AQUA that he wouldn't want such options. When you think about it, most computer problems arise from having too many choices that complicate things and make them unreliable.

Comment from E-mail:
3. I use a Virtual Mac-Windows and a single button mouse is a bad joke. I read somewhere Jobs insisted on a one button mouse way back whenâ. Given that he has the bit between the teeth but I have gotten a bit tired of buying 2 and 3 button mice. If we are to be stuck with the blasted things [mice] can you think of a good reason to include that anemic asinine round apparition rather then, lets say, Microsofts optical ... I canât ... NIH I figure.
I don't know if Steve Jobs himself insisted on a single button mouse. It has some good points and some bad ones. For brand new people to GUI (and the Mac basically offered the first such OS) the single button was demonstrated, in extensive testing, to be the best way to learn and get comfortable with GUI. Today, it's easy to buy multibutton mouses for the Macintosh anyway. For seasoned users, a multibutton mouse makes sense. I remember in psychology learning that some brain surface could be mapped to parts of the body. But some parts had much more space in the brain, especially the fingers, especially the index fingers. So if those are the most usable motor parts of our body, they should be used effectively.

Comment from E-mail:
I was at woz.com today during study hall and sombody said, "who is woz"? I told them that he is the main reason that they have a computer in their house today. I also told them that without the company woz co-founded, they would be running DOS version 22.3 and have no 3D games. Then i told them who woz is and what he did for technology and they were like "oh, well sombody else would have made a pc and a GUI". I then asked them, "who would have done it, Gates. He only copied what Apple did." They came back with, "Well chips still would have gotten faster". I said, "Oh, so you could play text based games at high character rate". They just didn't get it. They have no appreciation for the guys who thought different and decided to bring the power of the microchip to the everyday person. All that they understand is MHz, and Windows (they just won't accept the fact that without the mac there would be no windows). Anyway, I'd like to thank you and all the innovaters out there who help give us consumers the power to do what we never thought possible. BTW, I snatched an Apple ][e from the garbage a few years ago and use it to do calculus graphs.
Thanks for pointing out something that is not that uncommon or unexplainable, how people lose the importance of the past once the future comes.

Comment from E-mail:
Now I few other unrelated questions: What browser do you use? Is pro wrestling real? If there were a cage match: Woz and Jobs versus Gates and Allen who would win? Would your finishing move be the gigaflop? If you're really rich like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and you're shopping for, say, some jeans or a bowtie do you ever say "Well, I like it but I will probably go on sale" and put off the purchase?
I currently use Internet Explorer, but Cyberdog was better. It's just that I don't want to use one that's not going to work with some OS someday soon. I also admire iCab very much for a lot of things. But overall, I'm sticking with the default browser.

Pro wrestling??? They'd probably have Allen win.

I'm not really that rich but I don't look for things on sale. I use every minute of my life to pursue my early interests including technology and consumer electronics..

Comment from E-mail:
Hi Mr. Wozniak. I was looking at your Webcam on your website and noticed the brand new ibook graphite special edition. How good of a machine is the brand new ibook? I have always wanted an apple laptop but I own a g3 yosemite minitower and 17 inch matching studio display. If you had a pretty fast machine already like I do(Well I consider the g3 yosemites fast still) and you we're interested in buying a macintosh laptop which one would you recommend? The brand new ibook graphite special edition or the brand new 500mhz powerbooks? Since i have a fast minitower would you recommend a consumer laptop like the ibook or just to go out with a bang and get the faster and more upgradable powerbook? Well Mr. Wozniak I hate to take up alot of your time I know how you are a busy man. But do you have anything like aol instant messenger or icq or anything where we could talk about apple stuff instead of just talking through email. I know your a busy man but It would be an honor to be friends with the man who invented in my opinion the best computer company ever. If you have a digital camera and ever get time would you mind taking some pictures of you and your ibook special edition to send to me or put on your website. I have never seen a new ibook actually running. How could I get an autograph from you? Also, how easy is it to visit apple? Do you have Steve Jobs' email address? Ever think of a reunion like maybe rejoining apple part time? What is the best software to design websites? The HTML and non HTML software? Well thanks for what questions you can answer Mr. Wozniak. It has been a pleasure speaking with you! Take care and God bless you.
I don't totally know your situation, but I'd recommend the iBook to most people in your circumstance. The professional PowerBook is more for people that want to make it their primary computer all the time, like myself. The iBook is extremely capable and durable and has a lot of advantages that people want when they just want their computer to work, easily and reliably. It's a great companion to your tower, and will be admired everywhere.

We had a great Apple ][ reuinion in Texas a couple of years ago, attended by many top game programmers who got started on Apples.

I wouldn't be brave enough to say which software is best to design websites. I won't even tell you what is used on woz.org, by my webmaster friend Al Luckow, because the needs are different from site to site, and because people are different and like different things for personal reasons.


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