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Comment from E-mail:

My question is this: What do you think of your photo being hoisted up, looming high over 280 on the side of the Apple building? I was surprised when they took the iMac down last week, and put you up. It's a great photo. I'm also curious to know what you think of the "Think Different" campaign, and what kinds of talks, if any, took place between you and Apple to have your photo used for the ad.

It just plain isn't me. It's Francis Ford Coppola, whom I resemble.

Comment from E-mail:
Hey Woz, just stumbled across your site and wanted to say hello. I met you as a 15 year old kid in Atlantic City NJ at a computer convention entitled Personal Computing 76 or some such. Everyone their ('cept you and the other Steve) had singleboard computers with hex displays and the bomb of the show was the "TV Dazzler" And the apple, a funny little keyboard thing that connected to a TV set and didn't us hexadecimal. Who was to know what would unfold. I bought a KIM-1 there and learned all about 6502 programming. Have a good one!

Thanks for some very important memories. You do remember those days correctly. Reading this we are reminded of how Apple was different than the other small startups, in technology.

PC '76 was very important to me. It was only my second time out of California, the first being a year of college in Colorado. I don't count Tijuana as being out of California. At PC '76 I sat in our room upstairs and wrote additions to my BASIC while Steve Jobs manned the floor in the daytime. One evening we even took an Apple ][ breadboard down and got a technician to play it on a color projector, the first TV projector we'd ever seen. The short demo, with none of the other computer company folks around, so impressed that projector operator that he said that was definitely the computer he was going to wait for. This was in light of his being there and seeing every single one in existence.

Comment from E-mail:
I have read many bios on You, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Bill Gates..etc. The only thing that seems so unbelievable is that all 4 of you were together, in retrospect it was kind of like having Tesla, Einstein, Hawkins, and Edison in the same room. I have always asked my self "Were Gates and Jobs such large egomaniacs that they couldn't see the genius in each other?" Imagine if all 4 of you would have worked together. You and Jobs on Hardware, and Bill And Paul on the OS. I have to say that I consider you a hero of mine personally even though I don't use Macs (cant afford them:-( ) But I am a lot like you only I am doing it on the internet. Also do you think that you could get a message to Jobs for me? "Lower the price of the G4, We can't afford them" That's all thanks

I don't think that Steve Jobs had that great of respect for Bill Gates in the early days. The world seemed to be one where the biggest company was the one that made hardware. I don't know what Bill Gates thought either. Apple was much larger than Microsoft then but Apple had it's own failures, like the Apple /// and LISA. I'd have to say that Apple had a lot more ups and downs than did Microsoft, due to the fact that we generally had only one product carrying the company at any one time. The mass market share made things more stable for Microsoft.

Sorry, but I'm off topic.

I'm sure that Steve Jobs would say that the prices of the G4 towers are very low already, due to good cost cutting within Apple. I'm sure that you want a little profit that the company can invest in new technologies of the future. How many companies can risk, in the competitive PC world, to innovate with color and design and dropping all the old media and ports and make wireless technology for the home user? Asking for cost reductions sometimes is like asking for quantity instead of quality.


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