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Comment from E-mail:
Was the Apple II also available as a bare single board?

Yes, briefly. I insisted on this to satisfy things I'd said to a club at Hughes in Southern California. But I didn't care that Apple kept it so low profile and unadvertised that nobody would really order it this way except a few at the very start, including my friends at Hughes.

Comment from E-mail:
Hi, I heard that the Apple II computer was also available as a single board version (like the Apple I), and that basically you offered it as a low cost solution to someone who couldn't afford the Apple II with case. Is this true? If so, I imagine it was a battle with Steve Jobs to make the single board computer available. I know of a former Apple employee who claims to have one, I was wondering if there was any way to tell it apart from the normal Apple II? How many were made?

I think that the price was $500. I insisted that it be very low in this version.

You could tell it from a standard Apple II as it had no plastic case.

Comment from E-mail:
I ran into one of your old friends the other day in Tacoma. She had a little bit to say about all of you.. It was fascinating. Hey, did you really have a kayak in your living room? :)

Uh, yes. But what friend? About the only one I can think of from the days at Berkeley when I was using the name "Rocky Racoon Clark" would be Katherine Johnson. The kayak is due to my wife of the time, Candi Clark, whom I had met at Apple, being an avid kayaker. She raced them in the Olympics (Montreal) and won a world whitewater championship as well.

Comment from E-mail:
Hey Woz, I always wondered why the court ruled in Microsoft's favour regarding the "look-and-feel" of Windows versus macOS. When Apple tried to sue Atari, Atari backed off and stripped out a lot from their desktop in fear of a lawsuit. But how come Microsoft got away with it? Also, when was the lawsuit: 1989?

Although Apple represented the case as a 'look and feel' copyright issue, the Judge ruled that we'd licensed the rights to this technology to Microsoft due to the wording of an agreement where Apple claimed that it was only licensing the technology for one version of Windows. The phrasing was "and derivative works..." or some such thing. Apple had agreed to this in order to get key Microsoft apps for the Macintosh from Microsoft. At least, that's my understanding of things.

Comment from E-mail:
I remember hearing at one time that you were demonstrating the Apple ][ for some perspective investors and something happened to the computer to cause Basic to be erased, and you typed in the assembly code for integer basic from memory. Is this true? If so...I must admit I am still quite impressed with that feat.

I was preparing the first mini OS code for a floppy drive to be shown at CES in Las Vegas in 1979. I accidentally copied my empty floppy onto the good one. I recovered the code in the morning.

I would type in the hexadecimal (base 16) code for integer BASIC off of paper, where I'd written it. This would be impossible to do from memory.

Comment from E-mail:
I doubt that you will ever get the chance to read this, but what the heck....

I have never owned an Apple. I went from a Sinclair, back in the mid 80's, to a couple of Commodore 64's, and finally to PC's. I now have a basement full of equipment glommed over the years. I really love computers. They have become the passion of my life.

What they have done to reshape the world is truly amazing. I just wanted to say thanks for the major contribution you have made to this technology.

I just found a website called www.hungersite.com. It redirects profit motive to feed the world. Every time someone visits, the hits recorded are used as an enticement to secure advertisers who pay to feed the hungry. What a transformation of profit motive! Computers and the Internet have the power to fundamentally reshape the world. You helped to do that. I'm jealous. Wish it was me...

I did read it, even though I'm at the busiest period of my life and am more behind on critical things than ever before. I have dozens of important emails stacked up that I intend to answer, unless they become too 'old'. I have uninstalled equipment everywhere right now too. I have dozens of pitches to handle and appearance requests and I have some already agreed to speeches and things (reading to an elementary school this week) in the near future. I'm rehearsing every day for a high school play that I'm in, so I get further behind each day. I have barely time to read email until 4 AM every night, and have to answer them much shorter than normal. I just picked yours to say this so that I can post it on my web page in hopes that others understand my dilemma. I don't have much of a life with 3 hours of sleep a night.


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