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Comment from E-mail:
Please give me a minute of your time to say THANK YOU.

Now let me introduce my self my name is Husam Saleh I am an Electrical Engineer living in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and I owe it ALL TO YOU. You have inspired me a lot, I can still remember my first computer and how I was impressed by it (Apple //c) I was just 12 years old (back home in JORDAN) I must have spend hundred of hours learning how to write LOGO and Apple Soft Basic. But the real kicker for me was when I opened the plastic cover of the computer (late at night when my mom and dad were a sleep) and I say the 65C02 processor running at 1.4 MHz. From that moment I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I tried my best to read all that I can read about you and the apple computer when I was back in Jordan. There were endless trips to the local electronics club where I learned all about AND, OR gates, transistors…. Etc. My first project was same 555 timer that turns the LED on after so many seconds.

Just Like a loyal apple fan, I still have my Apple //c with the original Boxes and Manuals. They are back home (Jordan) and recently I was there for some work and I had the idea to build a circuit were it turns the water on when the timer goes off and I attached the circuit to back of the serial port of the Apple //c. I used it to water my mother small rose garden.

Although most of my work involves using an IBM, but deep down inside in me I am an Apple Man I can’t recall the number of time that I got in argument regarding Apple computers and how great they are. I mean think about it when you buy an Apple it’s like buying a prestige’s car BMW, A jaguar; but when you buy an IBM I feel like I am driving a Lada. Apple is much better engineered and always a head of the competition you can really feel the true power of it. And you Sir are the man behind it all (the bread and butter). You will not believe how happy I am when I found your web page and I could email you . Sir this is an honor to email you.

Please do let me say this that you are a hero for a lot of us. I mean you have inspirited a lot of us to start to think seriously about our future and you showed us that a man could reach his dream if he tries very hard. You sir are my hero in my book and no matter what they say you are still the man behind APPLE COMPUTERS.

This letter is so good that I can't add anything...Woz

Comment from E-mail:
After looking through some of your e-mails, I'm convinced that the book you say you haven't had time to write is there already--all you need is an editor and answers to some straight biographical questions.

I'd like to be that person. I know this will be decided after a rigorous qualification process, so here are mine:

  1. I thought it up and told you about it (so I must be interested).
  2. I admire you & agree with your core philosophies.
  3. I currently work with technology in the non-profit world.
  4. I have a distinct talent for conveying ideas in writing
  5. I've never written a book before (so I'm still pure).
Wow. What a resume. I know.

I'd have gone for this a few years ago, but I'm sure that I have to write my book. A book may be in my email answers but it's not the book that I really want to write to entertain people and make them laugh a lot. I have tons of pranks and tricks and jokes to juxtapose with the serious stuff.

Comment from E-mail:
Many many years ago I had a family member of the "Woods" tell me that you and Steve Jobs where considering adding one of the "Woods" as a partner in Apple when the company just beginning. And, that this person actually turned down the offer. Any truth to that rumor.

Not sure whom you are referring to. I don't know how early your reference might have been, but I'd have no knowledge of it.

Comment from E-mail:
Also, it seems that many Silicon Valley start-ups where created by Homestead High graduates of the 70's. If I'm not mistaken both you and Mr. Jobs graduated from Homestead. As anyone written/documented the impact of Homestead High graduates on Silicon Valley that you know of?

About 5 of the first 8 Apple employees attended Homestead High School.

I don't know about any of the others but I truly felt that it was a great school and that I got a great education there.

Comment from E-mail:
Hi. I think you are the coolest living revolutionary today. I am still waiting for a (think) poster with you on it! Francis who? My question is "Were you in the audience when the imac was unveiled?" I was there, and watched jobs point to (you) the audience and thank you personally for your inspiration. I don't know either of you personally, but if you were not there I can believe jobs to be a true showman. Not to mention everyone one around me was breaking their necks to see you...

I was supposed to be in the audience the day the iMac was unveiled but I was extremely tired due to being very busy that week (perhaps I was in rehearsals for a play) and decided that morning not to go. I've been to other new Apple product introductions.


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