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Comment from E-mail:
Got the Apple I, a Mac Iici and a PFOL (First off line non serial number) Iifx for you-all are in working order!. There is no ship to address on your org site anywhere. BTW, thanks for being so kind to my rants below. I kind of flew off the handle cause this DOJ thing has me ticked. I hate the government meddling in technology it will get bad for all of us. I told a local Mac User President that I sent you the e-mail and that you actually responded, and were very kind considering my tone. Again sorry! Anyway, he asked me if I thought you'd consider a visit to their User Group. I have no idea why he asked me, surely there has to be somebody in their group who would have a better idea than i... all I did was send you a rude e-mail. Anyway... let me know if I can tell them that it is something you'd consider or not. Also let me know where to ship the gear.
[this is a follow up letter to this letter, top of page]

You can ship whatever to me at 16400 Blackberry Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032. I certainly appreciate it. I'm glad to take these off your hand, especially the worthy Apple I. Tonight the History Channel started a "History's Lost and Found" episode including the very first Apple I.

I don't try to say that I'm right and someone else is wrong. I know that I'm not perfect. We're all human. It's possible that you're as right as I am. My opinion in the case of the DOJ suit was just from my understanding of anti-trust laws. I hate the government and they shouldn't meddle in technology. But the DOJ seems to be working for the little guys in this case. It's like they are meddling in business, not technology.

I've never said that Microsoft got to the point of holding technological advances back, as ATT did long ago. I use a lot of Microsoft products. But they did, in my opinion, get a lot of credit and control that other companies deserved on a fair playing field. This is primarily in reference to Netscape, but there are many small company victims as well. Stock prices reflect expected future earnings, not current ones. Anti-trust actions can be taken to prevent a future market stagnation that hasn't yet occurred. Most people feel that any sort of Microsoft breakup will not negatively affect technology and will not financially harm Microsoft or it's shareholders. Some see the price of Microsoft stock going up in the event of some sort of breakup.

Comment from E-mail:
I live in Minnesota-that where the Mini'Apples Mac User Group is. While at Apple I was always a huge friend to user groups especially in MN, MI and OH.

Do you and Jobs ever have coffee or anything? I talk with Guy Kawasaki occasionally and I know they don't see eye to eye. Based upon a couple e-mail threads I had with him while at Apple, and the way he treated a couple other folks at Apple, I don't think he has a lot of close friends... well other than Ellison and other filthy rich guys.

Yes, I talk to Steve from time to time. I'm one of the few that Steve has always treated well. Most of us appreciate well intentioned colleagues but Steve seems to demand something more of a lot of people. I recently read a great set of points by General Colin Powell about leadership qualities of CEO's and it fit Steve perfectly. I guess a lot of CEOs see things in him that we call negatives as positives. It's partly an outcome of the capitalist system as to which personal traits do better in business. My traits are better suited to be a teacher, or maybe an engineer.

Comment from E-mail:
Lastly, you did a great thing with the Apple. Being a hero to your child is the best anybody should ever hope for! Touch!

With all of my children being teenagers (well, the 12 year old is mature), it's hard to be a hero to them! They probably all think that I'm dumb and slow and behind the times. I sure can't play games equally with them, or follow more than about one school class per year with them. I suspect that you can only be a hero to your kids if you don't force them to decide about it out loud. My dad is a hero to me, and I owe my values and engineering abilities to him, but I wasn't conscious of this for most of my life.

Comment from E-mail:
I looked at the letters regarding how much work you and steve jobs put into your project. It must have been hectic beyond belief and it's truly an inspiration to see what you guys accomplished.

It was the greatest fun and times for both of us every day. We had total authority over what we did and how we did it, we knew it was good and valuable, and we got praised and rewarded by others and in press articles. There was no thinking, at least on my part, to only do it because it would make money--it was what I was good at and loved doing in my spare time and what I'd have been doing somehow anyway.

Comment from E-mail:
My question to you is did you guys ever feel like giving up? Did you ever think that maybe you were wasting your time and maybe it was time to just settle with a good job at HP?

I didn't consider giving up designing to the same extent, but I did tell Steve and Mike Markkula that I wouldn't leave Hewlett Packard, a company that I truly loved and felt respected engineers. Eventually a friend convinced me that I could start Apple and stay an engineer and not have to run a business. Then I changed my mind.


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