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Comment From e-mail: Is it okay to call you Woz, or do you prefer Steve? Either way, I just wanted to write to say that I like your site and all the information. More importantly, I wanted to thank you for all your significant contributions to computers, especially Apple products. You're like a living legend to me.

I've always gone by either Steve or Woz.

I only started being called Woz as we started Apple, as there were two Steve's. So Woz is the name most synonymous with Apple. My wife calls me Steve though, but she knew me back to 7th grade when I did go by Steve.

Comment From e-mail:
I remeber my first computer, an Apple ][+, with its all upprcase keyboard, in 1979 or 1980 (I don't remeber exatly) it was a gift from my parents. I kept with the Apple ][ for many years to come, finaly getting an Apple ][gs (ROM3 version). Now on mt my question :) Of the Apple ][ line wic did you think had the most personality?

I will add that after Apple droped the Apple ][ line I havent owend another Apple product until today when I placed my order for a Power Mac G4, I think I fianly forgave them for going back on the Apple ][ 4 EVER slogan :)

Hey, Apple ][ does obviously go on forever, even if it's not a sold product. I think that the Apple ][c had the most personality. It was truly portable and, with an LCD screen, a great machine to use. I like things small and in front of me. I'm totally PowerBook oriented today.

Comment From e-mail:
So glad I found a link to this site. I have a huge long story to tell you, but for now I just want to know one thing. How did you come up with the price of $666.66 for the Apple I kit?? Was this another one of your practical jokes, or was it arrived at by the cost in the product to make a reasonable profit? All the best to you, and long live the Mac!!! Cary

Steve Jobs arranged to sell the Apple I's for $500. We needed a suggested retail price. I think that he suggested $650 and I took it to $666, then $666.66. I have always been into repeating phone numbers. My dial-a-joke number at that time was 255-6666.

Neither of us had and bad ideas or even knew that 666 carries negative messages.

Comment From e-mail: Hello, My name is Jason S, I would like to say that I really do admire you and your work, and if you wouldn't mine, I would like to ask you a few quesitons about Jobs and Gates:

First, how did you feel at the 1997 MacWorld Expo when Jobs announced a semi-merger with Microsoft? Next, What do you think of the Anti-trust case against Microsoft? Do you think its a monopoly or just an extremenly competitive company? Also, what do you think of Jobs being appointed interim CEO of Apple? Do you tink that the new iMac is the answer to the companies decline?

The1997 MacWorld Expo: In the sense which it is intended it's good. I'm non-confrontational for sure. But it was portrayed as Bill Gates cheering for Apple and that wasn't true

Regarding Microsoft: It's a monopoly. Microsoft has used it's monopoly powers in very bad ways. What if all the gas stations were owned by one company and they announced that they were modifying the nozzles to only fit their own brand of car? We'd have no choice and all the car companies would be out of business. If you're rich and don't like somebody who has a shoe store, you don't have the right to open a big shoe store across the street and price the shoes at half price just to put him out of business (and then be left with the rewards of a 'monopoly')

Jobs as CEO: At first I didn't like the fact that he would revive his own Next stuff within Apple, because some good Apple stuff would be shelved. But the products are great and leading the world to the future...Woz

Comment From e-mail:
I found your web site through a series of events:
1) I read an article about Gary Kildall in Dr. Dobb's about a year or so ago

2) After the "finding of facts" in the Microsoft trail came out, there was generally two thoughts on the matter; Marketing people said "Ohh.. so it's OK to be successfull, but don't be too successfull etc. etc." while Engineers generally would say that Microsoft is a completely amoral company. Being an engineer myself I wrote a letter to ComputerWorld in Denmark, who printed my letter

3) I was approached, and challenged, by a co-worker about my views, and we started talking about who invented "Windows". I told him that a) Windows was created by RankXerox's PARC, b) it was succesfully tested and implemented by Apple and that c) Gary Kildall designed a lot of the stuff that Microsoft called MS-DOS.

4) I revisited the Dr.Dobb's article and saw that Gary (may he rest in peace) was "pissed" that Steve Jobs was known as Mr.Apple while You are known "only" by engineers.. So I started looking and found your site!
best regards..

That's kind of a short analysis of things, but in that many words is about as accurate as you can get in regard to the foundations of Windows. Don't forget that the first versions of Windows were built on top of DOS, a product that Microsoft didn't even create.

I, as many others, wish that Gary Kildahl had been in the place of Bill Gates. He was a very nice person and wanted the computer industry to proceed. I doubt that he would have pursued the monopolistic courses that Microsoft travelled.

Comment From e-mail:
I was watching the movie [Pirates of SIlicon Valley] yesterday (I'm in Canada so we rented at the video store) and got the impression that if you took more charge instead of Jobs, Apple would be in a much better position today. You looked like you were opposed to the infighting, and it looked like you thought Jobs was a little nuts at times. Do you agree?

I think that it's fair to say that we'd have run things quite differently. I'm more into patience and talking and not fighting or having conflicts. I don't like to step on other's toes or call them idiots. I prefer to work with them to get better results.

But I think that would have been disastrous for Apple. A better partnership between the two of us might have helped more.


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