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Comment from E-mail:
I don't have a question, just comments on how working at Apple has been one of the most positive influences in my life in general. It's wasn't the most prestigious position as an employee at Apple, but it was, for me, the most enlightening. While working my way through college, I was a security guard at Apple Computers from 1988-1991. To some degree, I found it hard to leave working at Apple though greater opportunities were ahead of me.

In my position, I was able to witness first hand, the innovation and evolution of the Apple and Macintosh computers. This is something that few have done, and many have dreamed about. I have actually walked through every building, and every department in Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mt. View, San Jose and Campbell, and seen almost every aspect of Apple's contribution to the development of the computer industry.

More than that, I had the privilege to meet and work with some of the most diverse, intelligent and interesting people on the planet. From them, I was given motivation both directly and inspirationally, to strive for continuous improvement and think 'outside the box'. To my benefit, their influence greatly helped with my studies and given me the freedom to think creatively. I also learned that there was more to life than work (Friday night beer-busts at Mariani One and Bandley Three).

Not many people can appreciate the giant employee badges that were used to identify each building, or the name-themes of the conference rooms in each building, or had the unfortunate experience of getting lost in De Anza Three. Has anyone ever known a building with espresso machines in every break room, or a piano in the lobby? I saw the prototype designs for the first color Macintosh in Valley Green Six (I used my student benefits to purchase a Mac LC and Stylewriter printer). I don't think any other company has the job-title 'Evangelist'. There were several people that were literally living in their cubes (imagine walking up on someone in their bathrobe and flip-flop sandals at 3:00AM in Bandley Two...). There are too many humorous incidents to mention. The Apple culture and philosophy at that time was something that could only be truly appreciated first-hand.

Although I didn't know it at the time, I was witness to one of the most influential revolutions in computers, and I would like to thank you for making it possible through your successful struggle and efforts to make the computer available to everyone. No need to reply to this email, I just happened to browse your website and felt the need to express my appreciation for a unique and positive lifetime experience.
Sincerely, Rich Romero
"America United"


Comment from E-mail:
Hi Steve,
I'm Steve Partos, I have spoken to you before awhile ago, I'm just asking and checking up...
First I hope you are ok, and your friends and family are ok from this NY/W-DC tragedy.
And heres a q. Have you ever thought of re joining Apple , as I'm sure Steve and you would get along great ( I wonder why ) , but As I bet when you sit at home saying to urself What are they doing.ect, you could bring more evolution to the company?

I'm OK. I handle things well. In the recent case, I didn't hang on the TV. I prepared for my own class instead, and didn't bring up the topic of the terrorism with the students. I'm sure that all the students got lots of chance to discuss it at regular school before coming to my class.

I have thought of rejoining Apple. I'm not against it. I could only work in a couple of situations and that is one. A big problem is with my own competence. I've been outside for so long that if I had the opportunity I'd have to wonder if I could function as an insider. You get a different view from the outside, and a very real view too, but it's not the same thing as having to deal with the realities of business.


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