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Comment from E-mail:
Hi Mr. Wozniak,
If your still interested in playing tetris, you should check out this online tetris game, "Tetrinet". You play against 5 other people in different rooms. If you ever try it out, contact me and we'll have a match =)

I think that's very cool. But consider this. I had a noted background, starting Apple and all. My closeness to lots of young kids, including my own, led me to provide things like games to kids. One day I tried out their Tetris game and started getting hooked. I played it for some time and started getting very good scores, for the early days. I was listed many times in Nintendo Power magazine with the highest score on GameBoy Tetris. In the times that they listed this game they never had anyone with a higher score than mine. You'd expect something like that of a teenager, not a 40-year-old father.

Not being 'so young' I play a few games over and over and don't have time to get to very many. So I've never tried computer keyboard Tetris for more than a few minutes. I'm sure that I'll never again get so good at a game as I did with GameBoy Tetris. Even my GameBoy Tetris is falling off, due to aging and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So it hardly seems worth the time to find out, which would be an immense amount of time when I have email to keep me occupied all day.

That's the explanation of why my Tetris playing is not general.


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