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The following schools and departments have chosen to "Think Different"

  • We currently have 17 5200's in our lab and are about to order 15 iMacs and a Mac server. Actually, most of the schools in our district our either completely Macs or predominately Macs. My school: Elkhorn School, Lodi Unified School District, Lodi, CA. Ted King
  • Rochester Institue of Technology (RIT) Rochester, New York
  • www.rit.edu Abilene High School Abilene, Kansas www.ahscowboys.or
  • Sherwood Elementary School Highland Park, IL 60035
  • The Madison CT public school system uses MAC's: Island Avenue Elementary School, Brown Middle School, Academy Elementary School, Daniel Hand High School
  • Hi, we use Macs at SEE School, in Toronto. You can see our school at http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/see. Karl Calhoun
  • Please add Brooks Middle Magnet to your list of schools using Macs. We have over 250 Macs throughout our school. Over 1/2 of them are iMacs and G3 AV machines. Check out our web site at http://www.brooksmms.com Howard
  • We are an all Mac School. Twin Lakes Elementary School, 3300 Riverside Dr., Las Vegas, NV ccsd.net/schools/twinlakes Karl Gustafson
  • Both the School District, Talawanda. Oxford, OH(www.talawanda.net), and the local university, Miami of OH (www.muohio.edu). In fact, a while back Miami was featured by Apple as a university using macs some months ago. David Miller
  • J.C. Orozco Academy uses macs, many many of them. Located in Chicago, illinois
  • All of the Schools in SAD#60 in Berwick, North Brewick and Lebanon Maine use Macs. They are as follows,
    Hanson School, Lenanon, Maine Lebanon Elemantary School, Lebanon Maine Hurd Elementary School, North Berwick, Maine North Berwick Elemantary School, North Berwick, Maine Hussey School, Berwick, Maine Berwick Elementary School, Berwick, Maine Berwick Middle School, Berwick, Maine Noble Junior High, Berwick, Maine Noble High School
    The Noble HS web site is at: http://knight.noble-hs.sad60.k12.me.us
    Ralph Vose Noble High School

Comment From E-mail:
Don't forget Dartmouth.... I heard a rumor that we have the highest concentration of macs on the planet second only to Cupertino headquarters.... almost everyone has a mac here, although PC's are tolerated... They are even wiring our campus with AirPort, so we can check our BlitzMail while sitting on the green and basking in the beautiful sun!

Comment From E-mail:
Lord Kitchener Elementary of Vancouver B.C. Canada reviewed its computer program during the last year and considered a change to the IBM platform. After much research and presentations from Apple and IBM , the school reaffirmed its commitment to the Apple platform and purchased 19 new iMacs and a OSX server. Future plans (with luck) include the purchase of up to 20 more iMacs to go in classrooms, and an airport hub to service classrooms in an on-site annex. The school already had 15 Performas and a number of still working Mac Color Classics. The lab was set up in a matter of two days with great support from our district Apple technician and has been running almost trouble free. The kids a teachers are really enjoying the new lab. We are planning some innovative, at least for us, uses of these computers during the next year. Thanks to John Danty our Apple Education Rep who helped put this together.Gerry Kent Mac Enthusiast Computer Committee member Gr. 6 Teacher

Comment From E-mail:
Dear Webmaster, Several of us here at the Penn Manor School District really enjoyed your page devoted to schools using Macs. Would like to be added to your website if possible. We're in Lancster Pensylvannia, (just a short distance from Franklin and Marshell College- already on your list.) Our district is heavily invested in the Macintosh platform and has been for some time. Please feel free to link back to our website (http://www.pmsd.k12.pa.us) or to contact me if you have further questions. BTW- The Woz site rocks! Thanks! Charlie Reisinger

Comment From E-mail:
I believe the Phoenix School in Grand Forks, North Dakota, uses Macs (iMacs since the flood and fire in Grand Forks destroyed the old school. My niece attends the school.

Comment From E-mail:
I'm the network admin at the Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We've got 100 Macs or so all running Mac Manager off of OS X Server with nary a wintel machine to be found. great idea for the list, btw.

Comment From E-mail:
My School, Christ the King Junior - Senior High School, (CTK), in Leduc, Canada, is totally Mac. We have LC 630s in our library, an imac lab to do math, science English and Social Studies instruction, and our Computing science lab that has machines ranging from 5400s to G3 all-in-ones, to some blue and white G3s. In this lab we do everything from office apps (word processing, spreadsheets, databases) to Photoshop and Illustrator to Video editing with Final Cut Pro. We think that this is the best platform to get the students to where they need to be. www.st-aquinas.org -- Fernando Guzzo fguzzo@st-aquinas.org


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