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The following schools and departments have chosen to "Think Different"

  • Village Elementary School, York, Maine Coastal Ridge Elementary School, York, Maine
  • The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, IL http://www.imsa.edu/
  • The School of Art and Design at Alfred Universty uses only macs, unfortuatly the rest of the universty doesn't
  • Niskayuna Central School District, has appoxametly 800-1000 macintoshs in use by both students and facutly/staff
  • Cal State Long Beach has many Macs here at the campus. Academic Computing Services has over 150 macs of various types alone!
  • Newberg School District, Newberg, OR http://www.newberg.k12.or.us/
  • I know for sure that Booksin Elementary School and Willow Glen High School both use Macs. They are in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, CA
  • Lyman C. Hunt Middle School in Burlington, Vermont uses imacs and older macs.
  • We are public K-12 school using Macs..... Moorhead Area Public Schools Moorhead, Minnesota check out our student created website at: www.moorhead.k12.mn.us
  • The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District is heavy into Macs.
  • Port Townsend High, Port Townsend WA 98368 http://www.ptsd.wednet.edu/
  • Henry Hill Elementary in Independence Oregon uses Macs. Thanks to Woz and Steve Jobs for an awesome computing experience. Mac on!
  • University of California, Davis. Davis, CA
  • St. James School, Torrance, CA
  • San Francisco State University, S.F., CA
  • MSAD #40 is a rural school district in Maine. We're spread over five towns on Maine's midcoast.
    Prescott Memorial School, Washington, ME F.D. Rowe Elementary School, Warren, ME Warren Primary School, Warren, ME Union Elementary School, Union, ME (home of Moxie) D.R. Gaul Middle School, Union, ME Miller Grade School, Waldoboro, ME A.D. Gray Middle School, Waldoboro, ME Friendship Village School, Friendship, ME (home of the Friendship Sloop) Medomak Valley High School, Waldoboro, ME (two winners of the Maine Student Film Festival and one winner of the New England Film Festival using Macintosh computers for non-linear video editing.)

Comment From E-mail:
I attend St. Louis University High School in St. Louis, Missouri, a college prepatory school that uses Macintosh computers. I noticed that you already had St. Louis University (college) on your list, but wanted you also to include the high school subsidiary. Thanks!

Comment From E-mail:
Ireland calling!! Newtown National School, Crettyard, County Laois in the Republic of Ireland is a 62 pupil school with 6 computers at present, 4 of which are iMacs networked. We'd love to hear from fellow mac users anywhere at: newtownns.ias@eircom.net

Comment From E-mail:
Hello: I am a Music professor at the University of Lethbridge (home.uleth.ca) and am sending a short note to add our name to your list of schools using Macs. We currently have four larger Mac labs on campus (about 6500 students) including a general-use lab of 25 newer G3s, an Education lab of 25-or-so G3s, a multimedia lab of 25 blue G3 400s and a music/midi lab of 26 G3 233s. There are also smaller clusters of Macs in other departments and of course a number of wintel labs as well. Our ITS needs regular, but usually only gentle reminding that the Mac labs are important and valuable to faculty and students. I look forward to viewing the revised list in a few days.

Comment From E-mail:
My school, Tenino Middle School, uses macs. I have an iMac 333 at home. Maybe my school is already registered, but I'm one of the few students at that school who likes macs. I don't want to take up too much of your time, so I'll go now.

Comment From E-mail:
I received 15 Macs (Quadra/Centris 610's) as a donation from the company in town that services the computers for Raytheon/Hughes here in Tucson. So I've set up a computer lab in my earth science/math classroom. I specifically ask for used Macs so I could set up the lab and maintain it by myself!

Lab works great, as I've upgraded the Macs, even if they're slow by today's standards. But I run the latest software, try that with those PC junkers!!!

I teach Earth Science/math at: Teenage Parent Program, Alternative Ed., Tucson Unified School District #1 102 N. Plumer Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719-5906 520-617-6041 gillespt@setmms.tusd.k12.az.us Tom Gillespie



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