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Schools Using Macs

Click on the school sets below to view the forever growing list of Mac-based schools and departments. Also strewn within these sets are stories of how Macs are used in schools and various contact people.

Woz: The below comment was after I presented awards to five 5th graders at a mountain school (Loma Prieta) for an "Autonomous Learner Program" in which the students, from 3rd to 5th grade, had to complete a ton of projects outside of school. They had to make a lot of choices for themselves. This program was based on one in a middle school in New York. I know of no other schools that did such an extensive thing. I spoke to the audience about the importance of 'thinking beyond' and of being motivated by being in charge of your own development.

Comment from e-mail:
We're still basking in the afterglow of your visit here. The teachers were especially appreciative of what you had to say. Do you have your speech on the computer? We'd love to have a copy, if that's at all possible. You left quite an impression on all of us.

Woz: What speech? I've never written an entire speech out in advance. The comments today came off the top of my head, based on everything I felt and heard. I forgot to mention how important it was in my own life that a teacher found an extra activity for my beyond standard school. I was way ahead of the school's electronics course. We didn't have computers in our high school. But my teacher got a Sunnyvale company to let me come in and program. I just read a programming manual and wrote whatever programs came to my mind -- I didn't program just what some teacher said to. (But I forgot to make that remark.)

An interview by Jill Wolfson, San Jose Mercury News; and John Leyba
Oh yeah. That's one of the fun areas! It's incredible. Often, they'll discover something in a program that I didn't know was there. Either an easier way to do something... more

An interview by the Tech Museum of Innovation
Pretty much my teaching is just a hobby to teach them the guts and the innards of computers - not the normal things that you would call computer literacy. But I kind of wanted to teach somebody things that are easy to learn... more


Visit VisionLiteracy.org

"It is disturbing to me to realize the number of people in our community who struggle daily to read. Reading skills are essential for improving the quality of one's life. As a child I enjoyed reading Tom Swift adventure books. I can't imagine my life had I not been able to read."
- Steve Wozniak co-Founder of Apple Computer and Board member of Vision Literacy.

Here's a great slide show on how to do a school web site the right way!
-Submitted by Jermey Johnson

Feature Notes

Ridley College
One of the largest independent secondary schools in Canada is also a Mac school - Ridley College. Ridley is in the middle of a program to equipment everyone with a Powerbook G3 - teachers all got them in 98/99, and grade 9 in 99/00 - moving on from there. All the classroom machines are iMacs or Powerbooks, and a few older machines. There are only a small number of other independent schools in Canada using Macs, and all of them a lot smaller, so it was quite a fight to get the Board of Governors to accept the idea. The battle was well fought and won, however, by a lot of dedicated people.
Stephen Hunt Former Director of Information Technology Ridley College

Education Links

-6208 lesson plans online and counting!

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