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Al Luckow and Woz
Woz and Al in Tokyo, straight-faced and probably in the middle of a practical joke.

Many people have contributed to Woz.org. The questions and answers are really what makes this site interesting.

Woz.org was originally just a few pages with a collection of links which was pretty standard for the web and ok at the time. It had a "WozCam" when Woz was basically sitting on one place. It was set up and managed by one of Woz's old Homebrew buddies, Dan Sokol. But other than that, fairly low on content.

Woz always received a lot of e-mail and answered all of it personally. When the TNT movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" came out, hundreds of e-mails with all sorts of Questions came pouring in. As always, Woz insisted on answering all the questions personally. He had forwarded a couple of these questions and answers to a friend, Al Luckow. Al thought, "Wouldn't it be neat if everybody could read these." That's when the marathon postings began with Woz and Al up late, posting all these questions and answers. The postings seemed to feed even more questions and then questions about the questions. Needless to say, it got pretty huge and we came up with a new architecture to hold all this stuff. Woz manages the web server and Al manages the web site. Now there are over 777 individual html pages on the site. We're not a portal or anything, more of an archive. So we really only update it when we feel like it.

It's pretty cool to be able to interact personally with, as Slashdot puts it, "the head nerd in whose shadow all others dwell". But the credit for this site really goes out to you, dear reader. For all your interesting questions and for remembering the man who changed computers forever.


Other Contributors:

George Clark
Alex Fielding
Dan Sokol

Al LuckowAbout Woz.org
Ever wonder who does this site? No? Umm, well anyway, here is a Podcast interview with Al Luckow, the guy who does this site. There's also Mac news and all that( which you might actually find interesting). At MyMac.com.

Al is also a co-host of the KUSP radio show "GeekSpeak". Check that out too on California Central Coast Public Radio.


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