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If you would like to link to woz.org or if you have a link on woz.org, feel free to use the banners and graphics below.

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If you would like photos of Woz to use in reports or news articles, see the links below. All these photos are free to use, just try to credit the photographer whenever possible or appropriate. More to come.

Description Photo Credit
Woz & Joey Slotnick Andy Hertzfeld
At Powerbook typing Al Luckow
Thumbs Up Al Luckow
At Desk (animated) Al Luckow
At Desk (non-animated) Al Luckow
At Home 01 Al Luckow
Small Headshot Al Luckow
At Home by Hummer (large) Al Luckow
At Home by Hummer 02 (large) Al Luckow
At Home in Game Room (large) Al Luckow
Playing Defender (large) Al Luckow
Thumbs Up (large) Al Luckow
Working at desk (large) Al Luckow
At Powerbook (large) Al Luckow

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